Immerse yourself in the language and culture of the Bible

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Immerse yourself in the language and culture of the bible

Behind the Scenes of Biblingo


Learn the biblical languages

Biblingo utilizes modern language learning techniques such as spaced repetition and gradual grammatical progression to maximize retention of Biblical Greek and Hebrew. You will learn words in their original cultural context, so you can begin to use the words to describe the biblical world. The language and the culture will come to life, and you will actually enjoy learning languages again!

Learn the biblical languages

Learn to think in Greek & Hebrew

The language learning module in Biblingo takes you through all the basic grammatical concepts in Greek and Hebrew by using videos of recreated scenes of the biblical world. There are 52 lessons, one for each week of the year. By focusing on actively learning the language, you will begin to think in Greek and Hebrew, and you will read the text with a whole new level of understanding.

Learn to think in Greek & Hebrew

Built-in Dictionary

Biblingo has a built-in running dictionary linked to the full text of the Greek and Hebrew Bible. Clicking on a word will immediately display an English gloss, example, and semantic domain for each meaning of the word. 500 words for each language also include a culturally relevant picture with more to be added soon. The dictionary will be constantly improved, so you can take advantage of the most recent advances in the semantics of the biblical languages.

Built-in Dictionary

Vocabulary Module

Learning vocabulary is one of the most important aspects of learning a language. Biblingo’s flashcard module has been designed to be fully customizable by including preset decks linked to popular textbooks as well as allowing you to create your own decks with a click of a button. The spaced repetition algorithm keeps track of your progress for each word and ensures that you review the words when necessary, so you can commit the vocabulary to long-term memory.

Vocabulary Module

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    The Beta version is projected to launch early 2020, and will include the first 26 language learning lessons for Greek and Hebrew. The full version is projected to launch summer 2020, and will include all 52 lessons for both languages, reading and fluency drills, and the Bible reading side of the program.

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Immerse yourself in the language and culture of the bible.

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