The Meaning of πίστις (faith) in Paul with Teresa Morgan (Key Terms in Pauline Theology: Part 3)

September 28, 2022 // The Biblical Languages Podcast Share this Post In this episode of the Biblical Languages Podcast, Kevin Grasso talks with Dr. Teresa Morgan about the meaning of πίστις (faith, trust, faithfulness, allegiance, etc.) in Paul. Teresa Morgan studied Classics at Cambridge, Theology at Oxford, and violin and viola in Cologne and London. After many years teaching Greek … Read More

The Jesus-Christ-Faith: Galatians 3:22 and The Pistis Christou Debate

September 27, 2022 // Kevin Grasso Share this Post Introduction The Objective Genitive Let’s start with the object genitive camp who claim the phrase should be translated ‘faith in Jesus Christ.’ As we said, most translations hold to this, but I argue that it is not grammatically possible. Why? Essentially, there is another, indisputable way to say ‘faith in Jesus … Read More

The 6 Key Ingredients For Learning Greek and Hebrew Vocabulary

September 19, 2022 // Nick Messmer Share this Post Introduction The Goals of Vocabulary Learning Ingredient #1: Spaced Repetition Ingredient #2: Retrieval Practice Ingredient #3: Varied Repetition Ingredient #4: Elaboration  Ingredient #5: Production Practice Ingredient #6: Motivation Incorporating the Key Ingredients Paul Nation These “key ingredients” are inspired by Paul Nation’s work on vocabulary acquisition. Paul Nation is a world-renowned … Read More

Christ is the τέλος of the Law? A Better Translation of Romans 10:4

September 18, 2022 // Dr. Kevin Grasso  Share this Post Introduction Romans 10:4 in Greek reads:τέλος γὰρ νόμου Χριστὸς εἰς δικαιοσύνην παντὶ τῷ πιστεύοντι.  This verse has been the subject of a lot of debate, and most of the debate has centered around the interpretation of the first Greek word τέλος. A standard Greek dictionary for the New Testament such … Read More