The Meaning of δικαιόω (Justify) in Paul with James Prothro (Key Terms in Pauline Theology: Part 4)

October 4, 2022 // The Biblical Languages Podcast


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In this episode of the Biblical Languages Podcast, Kevin Grasso talks with Dr. James Prothro about the meaning of language related to justification and righteousness in Paul.

James B. Prothro earned masters degrees in theology and in classical philology, and completed a PhD at the University of Cambridge in 2017. He has worked in churches and parish ministries and as a professor, and currently teaches at the Augustine Institute Graduate School of Theology in Colorado.

He has written on Greek and on textual criticism, but his main areas of research are in the letters of Paul and in methods of interpretation and biblical theology. His books reflect these interests. He is the author of Both Judge and Justifier: Biblical Legal Language and the Act of Justifying in Paul (2018), The Apostle Paul and His Letters: An Introduction (2021), and a forthcoming volume on Paul’s theology of justification and salvation called A Pauline Theology of Justification: Forgiveness, Friendship, and Life with God (2023).

Reflecting interests in interpretation and biblical theology, he is currently finishing a biblical theology of confession and repentance for Baker Academic, and editing a collection of essays forthcoming with Eerdmans entitled The Future of Catholic Biblical Interpretation: Lagrange and Beyond.

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