The Significance of Jesus as Messiah with Joshua Jipp (Key Terms in Pauline Theology: Part 1)

September 14, 2022 // The Biblical Languages Podcast


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In this episode of the Biblical Languages Podcast, Kevin Grasso talks with Dr. Joshua Jipp about the significance of Jesus as Messiah in Pauline Theology. 

Dr. Jipp has taught New Testament in a variety of settings, including as a Teaching Fellow at TEDS, before joining the faculty at Trinity. He has published essays in Themelios, Journal of Theological Interpretation, Journal for the Study of the New Testament, Catholic Biblical Quarterly, Bulletin of Biblical Research, New Testament Studies, Horizons in Biblical Theology, Journal of Biblical Literature, and Journal of Theological Studies. He loves reading novels, playing all kinds of sports (esp. baseball) with his kids, being outdoors, listening to music, and having great conversations with his wife.

Kevin and Josh discuss a variety of questions, such as:

  • How do we decide what terms are central to a Paul's letters, or any given corpus?
  • How has recent scholarship changed our understanding of Χριστός ("Messiah")?
  • If Jesus is the messiah, how does that affect Paul’s understanding of our response to him, specifically as it relates to πίστις ("faith")?
  • Given Jesus as Messiah, how does that affect Paul’s understanding of νόμος ("the Torah")?
  • How does the Messiah’s coming change the identity of Ἰσραήλ (“Israel”)?

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