The VS vs. SV Debate in Biblical Hebrew (Part 4 of Word Order)

June 10, 2022 // The Biblical Languages Podcast


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In this episode of the Biblical Languages Podcast, Kevin Grasso and Nick Messmer discuss the VS vs. SV debate in biblical Hebrew.

Show notes

  1. Moshavi (2010), "Word Order in the Biblical Hebrew Finite Clause", Chapter 2: Word-Order Markedness in Biblical Hebrew
  2. Holmstedt (2011), "The Typological Classification of the Hebrew of Genesis: Subject-Verb or Verb-Subject?"
  3. DeCaen & Cowper (2017), "Biblical Hebrew: A formal perspective on the left periphery"
  4. Hornkohl (2018), "Biblical Hebrew Tense–Aspect–Mood, Word Order and Pragmatics: Some Observations on Recent Approaches"

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